Graphic Design

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  • Web Design

    Web Design: DME

    Client wanted to re-brand the company from top to bottom. SMI created a new logo, new company website, business card...
  • B2B Web Design

    Web: Midwest Automatic Door

    Regional door company that works with retail businesses and industrial clients throughout the Midwest wanted a site ...
  • Logo Design

    Logo Design: Boomtown

    Our client wanted a new logo for a new service they were providing that captured the essence of serious poker playin...
  • Web Design

    Web: Casino Party Planners

    Client in the party and entertainment industry wanted a website that really separated them from the competition. The...
  • Logo Design

    Logo: Casino Party Planners

    Client in the entertainment industry wanted to have a logo that was big, bold and colorful. That’s exactly wha...
  • Web Design

    Web: Crown Restrooms

    Regional company was looking to create a website for their new venture into portable restrooms and trailers. The goa...
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