Corporate Identity By Design

by / Thursday, 22 January 2015 / Published in Graphic Design
Corporate Identity By Design

We are big believers in the importance of great graphic design in creating visuals for a powerful corporate identity.

From a big picture perspective, the visual identity of a company has an impact with employees, its fundamental corporate mission and its relationship with customers. Companies that have stronger corporate identities outperform their competitors. They’re able to attract and hire better employees. They’re able to make deeper connections with customers. Having a strong corporate identity is a true competitive advantage.

The essential goal of corporate identity is to distinguish your business and have it stand out in the marketplace. That’s easier said than done. A great logo is the key to a powerful corporate identity, followed by a great typeface and high impact colors.  In order to stand out from the crowd, think big and bold. The brand you are creating should capture the personality of your business, whether it’s fun, dynamic, safe, creative, or ultra professional. Don’t rush this all important decision, since you’re going to live with this new corporate identity for a number of years.

Another goal of corporate identity is for it be consistent and unified; one that is coherent throughout the entire organization and through all of your marketing efforts. Great graphic design and imagery help make that happen. Great companies understand the importance of leveraging their corporate identity throughout everything they have, from their office colors to all of their marketing efforts such as business cards and letterhead to brochures and vehicle graphics. Your brand identity should be everywhere you are.

If you just started a new business and are in the process of creating your initial corporate identity, or perhaps you’re re-branding your existing business, here is a comprehensive corporate identity checklist to work from:

20 Essentials that Make a Visual Corporate Identity

  1. Logo
  2. Tagline/Slogan
  3. Business Cards
  4. Letterhead
  5. Envelopes
  6. Website
  7. Presentation Folders
  8. Brochure
  9. Company Apparel
  10. Vehicle Graphics
  11. Exterior Signage
  12. Trade Show Booth
  13. Direct Mail
  14. Email Marketing
  15. Social Media Channels
  16. Newsletters
  17. Billboards
  18. Print Ads
  19. Newspaper/Magazine Ads
  20. Banners
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